Delhi Samyeling Tibetan Colony sees unprecedented flooding

The overflowing Yamuna River due to torrential rain gravely disturbs the lives of Tibetans at Samyeling Tibetan Colony, Delhi.

By Tsering Choephel

DHARAMSALA, 15 July: Samyeling Tibetan colony in Majnuka-Tilla,, Delhi has been affected by the overflowing Yamuna River as the water level reached a record level at 208.66 meters due to the calamitous monsoon.

As per Hindustan Times, the swelling of the Yamuna River caused flooding into Majnuka-Tilla, and other areas located close to the river mainly due to the large quantity of water being released from Hathnikund Dam in Haryana after the dam’s capacity reached critical.

Every monsoon, residents of Majnuka-Tilla, witness the rising level of the Yamuna River that runs close by. But flooding of this magnitude, with many houses and buildings seeing their ground floors submerged in water is reported to be unprecedented.

In many video logs on social media, damages to property can be seen with people wading through waist-high water to retrieve bikes and furniture to safety. 

The welfare society of Central Dokham Chushi Gangdrug of (India) has announced to the public that their hall is open for Tibetans, either visitors or the local residents facing accommodation problems, on condition that bed and blanket be arranged on their own. 

The local Tibetan Settlement Officer of Samyeling couldn’t be reached by phone despite many attempts. 

According to multiple reports, there has been drinking water scarcity across Delhi as 3 water treatment plants have been shut down affecting 25% water supply in the capital. 

As some of the busiest section of roads like ITO and Kashmere Gate remains flooded, massive traffic jam continues to trouble the lives of people in the Indian capital. 

The monsoon this year turned catastrophic in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and the neighbouring areas. According to All India Radio, flash floods and landslides in the region have taken at least 100 people with infrastructure damage of up to ₹4,000 crores. 

The water level which reached a troubling height is observed subsiding slowly since morning today.

Tashi, a resident of Samyeling confirmed that compared to Friday, the water-logging within the settlement has significantly subsided today. 

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