Sikyong Sangay welcomes Indo-US get together on 66th Indian Republic Day

DHARAMSALA, Jan 26: The elected head of the Tibetan people Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay today congratulated the government and people of India on its 66th Republic Day celebrations at a brief ceremony held at the Kashag (Cabinet) Secretariat to observe the occasion.MG_4738

At the ceremony attended by members of the Kashag and senior officials of the Central Tibetan Administration, Sikyong Sangay hoisted the Indian National flag and expressed his warm greetings on behalf of the Tibetan administration.

“On behalf of the Central Tibetan Administration, I wish the government and people of India a very hearty congratulation in observing and celebrating its 66th Republic day,” Sikyong Sangay said.

Responding to a question from a reporter about US President Obama attending this year’s Republic Day celebrations in the Indian capital, he said it is a celebration of democracy since India and America are the largest democracies in the world and as a Tibetan he welcomes and celebrates Indo-US get together.

“Since America and India are the two largest democracies of the world, it’s a celebration of democracy that we are witnessing today. It’s also fitting because today is the day that India promulgated its constitution in 1950, so the President of the United States to come here on this day is a reflection of renewed energy in their bilateral engagement. As a Tibetan, I welcome and celebrate the get together of these two great nations,” he said.


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