TCHRD launches website to decode CCP slogans, jargon

‘Decoding Chinese Communist Party, TCHRD’s new website to decode slogans and jargon. (link)

DHARAMSALA, 2 Dec: The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), a Dharamsala-based rights group today launched a new website, ‘Decoding Chinese Communist Party,’ to see through the veil of beautiful-sounding Chinese propaganda jargon and slogans.

“As China codifies its agenda for a new order, with distinctly Chinese characteristics, and as propaganda slogans are issued with greater frequency, we need reliable guidance that unpacks and decodes the proliferating building blocks of discourse power,” Tsering Tsomo, the director of the TCHRD said in the group’s press release.

“This matters globally. For instance, the China model is actively exported to developing countries worldwide, especially in government-to-government transactions that bypass civil society and community engagement, on the explicit basis of China’s doctrine of ‘non-interference,” she added.

The TCHRD has stated that Tibetans are offering their deep insight into CCP motive and intentions to the world through the new website as Tibetans have lived alongside their much bigger and more powerful Chinese neighbour for many centuries, and really know how Chinese leaders think.

“China takes itself so seriously, which is a bit comical. There is a deep history implanted in China’s claim to be the exemplary civilization everyone must bow to,”  Tsering Dorje, the principal researcher and writer of Decoding CCP said and added that “Tibetans know the backstory well, and navigate their stateless place in the world, through unpacking those slogans. This is a key that unlocks inner meanings, to help anyone hoping to gauge where we are all heading. Join us for a deep dive into the authoritarian mind.”

The rights group stated  that through the just-launched website, “Tibetans attuned to the nuances of unpacking those keywords and  jargon that now puzzle the world”  have provided  “a first of its kind reference guide  to almost 500 CCP propaganda jargon keywords that will help the world understand them from a Tibetan perspective.”

With a search engine tested with China-watchers, the website will enable a deep dive into the authoritarian mind the group said and maintained that  “investment advisers, wealth managers, global commodity suppliers, policy analysts, think-tankers, opinion leaders, climate campaigners, environmentalists, human rights defenders, development project designers, wildlife biodiversity campaigners, democratic politicians will all find Decoding CCP a handy tool, and at times an opening to another world of salvationist thinking, with Chinese characteristics.”

The Dharamsala based non-governmental Tibetan human rights orgar1ization that monitors, documents, and conduct researches on the human rights situation in Tibet and provides reliable information to the international community declared that their latest project is “not an exercise in countering propaganda with counter-propaganda” as it, “contextualises, analyses, and leaves the reader to decide.”

TCHRD’s  ‘Decoding Chinese Communist party,’ a bilingual website in English and Tibetan was launched at the Press Club of India in the Indian capital which was also attended by veteran Indian Journalist and long-time Tibet supporter Vijay Kranti and India’s former diplomat Deepak Vohra.


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