Three monks from restive Ngaba disappears after detention

Lobsang Thamkhe(L), Thupa (C) and Lobsang Dorje(R).
DHARAMSALA, Aug 15: The whereabouts of three Tibetan monks from restive Ngaba county in the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo remains unknown after their arrests by the Chinese authorities in Tibet, Tibetan sources in exile said.
Lobsang Thamkhe, a Tibetan monk from Kirti monastery along with Thupa from Trotsik monastery and Lobsang Dorje from Kirti monastery in restive Ngaba county have all vanished after their arrest by the Chinese authorities according to Kanyak Tsering and Lobsang Yeshi, the spokespersons of the exile seat of Kirti monastery here in Dharamsala.
The trio in their 30’s was reportedly detained separately by the Chinese communist regime in Tibet.
Lobsang Thamkhe, 37 is said to have been detained in 2018 and was pronounced four years’ prison sentence around 30 July earlier this year, the charges on which he was detained and where he is being held still remains unknown. 
The two other monks Thupa, 32 and Lobsang Dorje 36 have gone missing since their detention,
According to Lobsang Yeshi, Thupa was forcefully detained by Chinese police at night from his monastic quarter sometime toward the end of 2017 while Lobsang Dorje was arrested a year ago.
Apart from their arrest, no other details about the duo are known as of now.
Additionally, Thupa had previously been arrested on 16 March 2008 allegedly for protesting against China’s illegal rule in Tibet and burning the Chinese flag during the 2008 Pan-Tibet uprising. His father, Kalsang was also arrested on 16 March 2011 for protesting against the Chinese rule as well, Lobsang Yeshi added.
Due to China’s tight grip and surveillance in Ngaba region, the hotbed of self-immolation protests inside Tibet and political dissent against China’s repressive and illegal rule in Tibet, it causes the delay in the flow of information from the region, adds the spokespersons of the exile seat of Kirti monastery.

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