Tibetan student to succeed another Tibetan as Student body President of NOVA – Annandale

DHARAMSALA, 18 April: Another Tibetan American has been elected the Student Government Association(SGA) President of Northern Virginia Community College(NOVA). 

Tenzin Tsega has become the second consecutive Tibetan American to be the Student body President of NOVA – Annandale campus after he won the presidentship of the student body for 2022-2023 earlier this month.

The 20-year old international relations student succeeds Tenzin Lodoe, who was the first Tibetan American to hold the position from 2021-to 2022.

Tsega who was born in the States to a Tibetan emigrated parents studied in India for 9 years until he was thirteen and has campaigned to promote mental health and unity on the campus.

Being a Tibetan and a follower of HIs Holness the Dalai Lama,   “compassion and putting others before self” will drive his presidentship, Tsega says in an interview on the RFA.  

He is the founder and the current president of the Asian Student Association NOVA – Annandale campus.

NOVA is the third-largest multi-campus community college in the United States and the largest educational institution in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has six campuses in AlexandriaAnnandaleLoudoun CountyManassasSpringfield and Woodbridge.

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