Stricter corona curfew in Himachal from 10-16 May

DHARAMSALA, 10 May: Owing to the surge in COVID-19 cases in the past few days, the general public from Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district will enter a stricter corona curfew with only three hours of daily relaxation period according to the latest curfew order issued by the Office of the District Magistrate, Kangra.

The new restriction comes in addition to the restrictions already in place in the state, which is already under “ten-day Corona curfew” from 7-16 May.

Rakesh Kumar Prajapati, IAS District Magistrate cited the transmission of the COVID-19 from person to person and air at a very fast rate, the spike of the cases in the district and people still disobeying the Covid safety protocols and declared that the daily curfew relaxation hours shall be from 08 A.M to 11 A.M for the general public step out of their home to access essential services as he issued the new orders.

Under no circumstances shall there be an assembly of more than five persons anywhere out of their houses or in public places and only adult members from the families shall go out to avail the essential services.

Only the shops dealing with the daily needs and essential commodities are allowed to open during the relaxation hours while public transport remains suspended until further notice, the order said while private vehicles are allowed only for emergency services.

The three hour daily relaxation hours from curfew is common across the state and the timing of the same was left for the deputy commissioners of the respective districts to decide on.

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