To empower women, first, we need to accept the existence of gender inequality: TCHRD’s Civil Society Recommendation

DHARAMSALA, July 27: To empower women, first we need to accept the existence of gender inequality, the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) said earlier today at a press briefing based on Civil Society Recommendations on the Central Tibetan Administration’s (CTA) Tibetan Women’s Empowerment Policy.

The Dharamsala based rights group’s six-point civil society recommendations to the CTA’s women empowerment desk on the CTA’s Women Empowerment Policy was accumulated after the workshop on ‘Women empowerment and gender equality’ it held earlier in June.

Executive Director of TCHRD, Tsering Tsomo in her address spoke about the importance of women’s right being the basic human rights, to identify the areas where women need to be empowered and the paramount importance for the women empowerment desk to have critical decision making authority and resources to support as well.

The six-point civil society recommendations for the CTA’s women empowerment desk are to acknowledge the existence of gender inequality and to formulate policies based on the Human Rights, timely review of the policies formed to check whether they are being executed and their viability, cooperation between the CTA’s women desk and NGO’s and exchange of ideas and opinions, assistance and support for those working for women empowerment, policies to prevent rape and abuse of women and to address such events, resources and decision making power for the CTA’s women empowerment desk and being careful and to do away with stereotyping men and women while formulating policies

TCHRD’s workshop was attended by around 30 Tibetan women within the age group of 15- 50 years from every walk of life.

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