TYC’s Rally Calls for Tibet’s Independence and India’s Security Amid G20 Summit

Activists from the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC), the largest Tibetan non-governmental organisation in exile protested against the participation of Chinese delegates at the G20 summit in New Delhi. Image: TYC.

By Tsering Choephel

DHARAMSALA, 8 Sept: Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC), the largest Tibetan non-governmental organisation in exile, staged a protest against the participation of Chinese delegates in the summit, today in Majnuka Tila, New Delhi as the G20 Summit awaits commencement tomorrow.

TYC President Gonpo Dhundup said, “This protest is not against India hosting the G20 Summit but against Chinese participation.”

A large number of Tibetans have gathered, carrying Tibetan national flags and banners warning India and other leaders attending the Summit of China’s duplicitous diplomatic assurance.  

The protesters are shouting for Tibet’s Independence and India’s security, emphasizing that “as long as Tibet remains under Chinese occupation, a safe and secure Indian border remains a fantasy.”

TYC also called for Global Solidarity on the Sino-Tibet issue at the G20. “The current situation in Tibet is very critical,” said Gonpo Dhundup, adding that “our main motive behind the protest was to deliver the message that China’s diplomatic assurance is never to be trusted,” reported Times of India on Friday

Propelled by China’s exposed expansionist agendas and aggressive foreign policies, trust in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) led by Xi Jinping has been steadily eroding, not just in India but across many countries in Asia and the West.

However, India, with its unresolved border tension with China and China’s recent publication of its official map encompassing Indian Territory despite the number of dialogues between the two nations, has its hope for China’s sincerity in friendly relations hanging by a thin thread. Xi’s absence from the Summit, sending his second-in-command, Premier Li Quing, doesn’t help.

Indian security has deployed a heavy police force and paramilitary personnel at Majnukatila, the Tibetan colony in North Delhi ahead of the Summit to restrict and control the Tibetan protesters.

Deputy Commissioner (DP) of North Delhi Police, Sagar Singh Kalsi, stated that TYC’s protest request was rejected in view of the G20 Summit. According to the report, the barricades around Majnukatila were erected after the DP received information that protesters would gather despite the rejection.

India currently holds the Presidency of G20, hosting the eighteenth G20 Summit in New Delhi from 9-19 September.

The G20 or Group of 20 is an intergovernmental forum comprising 19 countries and the European Union. It works to address major issues related to the global economy, such as international financial stability, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development

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