Unjust China is a threat to justice everywhere: Tibetan NGOs

DHARAMSALA, 17 July: “Unjust China is a threat to justice everywhere,” says Tibetan NGOs in Dharamsala as they commemorated the World Day for International Justice here in the exile headquarters of the Tibetan people.

To bring the attention of the world and support for the current critical situation in Tibet under China’s oppressive rule, Tibetan Youth Congress, Tibetan Women’s Association, National Democratic Party of Tibet, Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet-India today launched a joint petition to foreign envoys and embassies in India.

The Tibetan NGOs called out China for keeping the global community in the dark over the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China by neither being transparent nor taking any measures to clarify as Beijing stands accused of spreading the pandemic to the world.

“Since the outbreak, the Chinese Government has neither been transparent nor taken measures to clarify! these allegations. China has maliciously taken measures to conceal all information about the pandemic from the rest of the world including the prosecution of Dr Li Wen Liang and many others who tried to inform the world about the emergency,” the Tibetan NGOs said in their joint statement.

The NGOs maintained their 17-page petition highlights the gross human rights violation happening in Tibet, the malevolent mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak that caused the loss of life unprecedented in the history of mankind and further urged the international community to hold China accountable for atrocities committed to Tibetans for the past six decades under Chinese rule and oppression that has forced over 155 Tibetans inside Tibet to self-immolate in protest against the repressive regime.

Calling “unjust China is a threat to justice everywhere,” the NGOs urged the “international governments, organizations and world leaders to give witnesses to the urgency of Tibet’s critical situation; lend their support more than ever to Tibetans in our struggle for freedom and independence of rightful historical sovereignty and rebuke One China Policy.” 

World Day for International Justice is observed on 17 July to make people aware and united to support justice and also to promote the rights of the victims as it marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute on this day in 1998.  

Rome Statute is a treaty which helped establish the  International Criminal Court (ICC). As many as 139 countries have signed the Court’s treaty and nearly 80 States, representative of every region of the world, have ratified it.

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