XI Jinping fears being grilled at CCP’s annual secret conclave

Chinese President Xi Jinping (Photo: AP/File)

DHARAMSALA, 17 July: Chinese President Xi Jinping is said to be “afraid to attend the Beidaihe conference,” as he faces the prospect of being grilled by the elder bigwigs of the Chinese Communist Party.

Xi Jinping is afraid to attend the Beidaihe conference, an annual gathering of luminaries of the Communist Party that sets the political agenda for the year but this time around as it could add to his headaches stated a report on WION, an Indian media outlet banned in China. 

The Beidaihe conference commonly referred to as the “summer summit” by China watchers is held annually at the beach resort of Beidaihe where CCP leaders and elders from earlier generations meet in an informal setting for closed-door discussions that will set the tone for major domestic issues.

As to why the current Chinese president dreads the summit, the report says, “this year’s summit conclave would be far from smooth sailing for Xi Jinping,” and added that the meeting is”one of the few forums where China’s leading political figures can criticise the leader in charge and this year’s meeting is happening under extraordinary circumstances.”

Reports suggest that there are who still influence the Communist Party. But 

Te report noted that four names,- former president Jiang Zemin, former Premier Zhu Rongji, former president Hu Jintao and former Premier Wen Jiabao- stands out from the 10 to 20 influential CCP bigwigs who will be attending the meeting.

“During the Beidaihe summit, he will come face to face with the party elders and retired members of the Communist party including former leaders of the Chinese state, leaders who could have things to say about how China handled the coronavirus outbreak, the situation in Hong Kong and China’s tensions with the US,” the report added.

Additionally, the report noted that this year marks the first instance where “China hasn’t set a GDP target and economic growth,” and this the report says “is what binds the elders as all four elders oversaw China’s high economic growth.”

Given the current state of affairs that Beijing finds itself in under Xi’s leadership, the report added that the Chinese President is sure to be grilled by the CCP elders leaders with questions about” how China handled the coronavirus outbreak, the situation in Hong Kong and China’s tensions with the US.”

“The elders never hesitate to criticise leaders in power and even offer binding advice to the president. Even in retirement, these elders enjoy considerable perks and powers,” it added.

The report concluded by saying that Xi now faces a daunting task of keeping “the party united because if the party elders were to go against him, their anger could spread to party cadres triggering a wave of dissent within the Chinese ruling establishment.”

The tradition of the CCP’s closed-door meeting was said to be started by the founder of Communist China – Mao Zedong.

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