‘We reject oligarchy’ says protesters as they launch relay hunger strike demanding removed justices of TSJC to resign

DHARAMSALA, 9 Aug: A group of Tibetans today began their relay hunger strike at the basketball court at Gangchen Kyishong, here calling on the Chief Justice Commissioner and the two Justice Commissioners of the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission (TSJC) impeached by the Tibetan parliament to “respect democracy and resign.”

“Rule of law is the backbone of democracy. We reject Oligarchy,” read a slogan written on the banner by the protesters at the relay hunger strike.

A total of 25 protesters who are members of the Nyam Pa Lar So are present during the first day of the protest and Jangchup Rinchen the group’s representative said that  “We have around a hundred members but the permit from the authorities only allows 25 people to assemble.  We will be protesting until the end of this month.”

The protesters stated in their statement that the “justices unlawful resumption to office disrupted the Tibetan freedom struggle gave birth to a constitutional crisis and leading to an oligarchy with no regard to the Charter of the Tibetan people.” 

The protesters said that they have previously, on two occasions, submitted applications by 986 and 3106 demanding the unlawful justices to vacate their seats and that protests and that Tibetans from Dharamsala, Bylakuppee, collegial, Hunsur, and the US demanding the same.

“As the public’s appeal to the fell before deaf ears, we are sitting for relay hunger strike with the same demand,” the statement read.

The protesters further added that “for the Tibetan freedom movement and to strengthen the three pillars of the democracy, it is must that the removed justices should vacate their seats,” and concluded by saying more protests will continue from more places if they removed justices still hold on to their offices.

A staff from the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission informed the press that the justices have no comments over the matter and that the statement trio issued when they announced their resumption to office remains their final.

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