Tibetans, Uyghurs, Hong Kongers, human rights activists call on NBC to drop sponsorship of Beijing 2022 ‘genocide games’

DHARAMSALA, 9 Aug; Tibetans, Uyghurs, Hong Kongers, and human rights activists have protested at the NBC merchandise store in New York City calling on the major broadcasting networks in the US to drop their sponsorship of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

The actives staged the protest on 8 Aug, the closing day of the Tokyo Olympics the NBC merchandise store calling on the media giant to stop investing and legitimizing the Beijing Olympics that the activists call genocide game.

“Today the Tokyo games come to an end and everyone turns over their TVs to NBC to watch the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. We are reminded of a sad truth that just months from now people will be turning over their TVs on NBC to watch the genocide games,” says SFT’s Campaigns Director, Pema Doma

“From now until February, NBC will be investing millions and millions of dollars towards legitimizing the CCP’s leadership in the world by uplifting and putting the Beijing Olympics on a pedestal.”

She further called out the NBC for not just s sponsoring the genocide Olympics, but for actively promoting them, legitimizing them, and for cooperating with the regime 

“NBC, what you are doing is not ok. Shame on you and drop ur Beijing genocide Olympics sponsorship,” she concluded.

Joey Siu, Policy Advisor at Hong Kong Watch has said that the Activists have gathered to protest “at the headquarters of the NBC asking them to drop their sponsorship for the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics.”

 “The CCP has been cracking down on Hong kong’s pro-democracy movement, there is the Chinese occupation of Tibet, the genocide in East Turkistan and separation of thousands of Uighur families,” she said and concluded by saying that “there is no reason for allowing Beijing to host this very important international sporting event and there is no reason for NBC to actively sponsor and promote this genocide game. 

Meanwhile, amidst the pandemic, the Tokyo Games that has to be postponed for a year received around 10.5 million linear viewers on Friday as the games concluded, the smallest audience of the games for the network so far.

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