Young Tibetan blogger arrested in eastern Tibet

DHARAMSALA, Dec 30: Chinese authorities have arbitrarily arrested a young Tibetan blogger in eastern Tibet’s Amdo Province, reportedly for expressing his opinion on Tibet related issues, including self-immolation.10891638_10152703733124818_8839433694475685051_n

Meu Soepa, 21, a student of literature at Northwest University for Nationalities in Lanzhou was arrested by Chinese police at about 4 pm on Dec 27 while he was travelling to Ngaba County from his native town of Meuruma.

Although the exact reason for Soepa’s arrest is unclear, an exiled Tibetan living in Dharamsala who hails from Meuruma said local Tibetans suspect that Soepa was arrested for expressing his views on Tibet related issues, including self-immolation that are deemed sensitive by the Chinese government.

“Some of his recent blog postings on his personal blogspot “Meu Soepa’s blog” titled “raise your fist in the air for freedom” and a short poem in Chinese language titled “Martyr” which pays tribute to Tsepe Kyi, a 20-yr-old Tibetan woman from Meuruma who died of self-immolation on Dec 22 might have led to Soepa’s sudden arrest,” the same source said.meu1

Born to father Gonkho and mother Pelkho, Meu Soepa hails from camp no. 3 in Meuruma Township in Ngaba County. His whereabouts and condition remain unknown.

Below is the English version of the poem ‘Martyr’ translated by Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy:


~ Meu Soepa, Amdo Ngaba


Who was she that ignited herself in the dark?

Energizing the Land of Snows with her [last drop of] blood!

Who was she that sacrificed herself in the flame?

Leaving behind her last solicitude on the Plateau!

Who was she – the messenger of the Tsanpos, the incarnation of the truth?

You have left

Your hopes for truth and justice,

Spreading throughout the Land of Snows!

You have left,

Bearing all the oppression and grief

You have left,

Amid the prayers of hundreds of thousands of Tibetans!




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