70th founding anniversary of PRC marks 60 years of Tibetan people’s peaceful resistance: CTA information Secretary

DHARAMSALA, 1 Oct: China has turned Tibet into an Orwellian police state, but failed to stifle the indomitable spirit and resilience of Tibetan people over the last 60 years, says the Information Secretary of the Central Tibetan Administration as the People’s Republic of China(PRC) marked its 70th founding anniversary with great pomp and fanfare.

“The PRC’s founding anniversary has been dubbed by some as a ‘Day of Grief’ because of the of the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong as well as the gross violation of human rights in Tibet and East Turkestan,” Tsewang Gyalpo Arya, Secretary (Information) the Information Secretary of CTA’s Department of Information and International Relations has said in press release.

The information Secretary has also stated that China has turned the entire Tibet into an Orwellian police state, but failed to stifle the indomitable spirit and resilience of Tibetan people.

“The past 60 years of Chinese occupation of Tibet is in a way also a story of 60 years of Tibetan people’s peaceful resistance against what has been one of the most brutal regimes on this planet.”

He has further highlighted the severe restrictions of basic human freedoms, arbitrary arrests, incommunicado detentions and torture and unnatural deaths of Tibetans under the Chinese occupation of Tibet filled with decades of gory death and destruction and stated, “The grim human rights situation inside Tibet is nowhere more starkly evident than the fact that since 2009 over 153 Tibetans have committed self-immolation in a desperate act of protest against the repressive policies of Chinese government. No wonder Freedom House has ranked Tibet as the second least free region after Syria consistently for four consecutive years.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese President Xi Jinping has said in his speech commemorating the 70th anniversary of the CCP’s rule that no force could deter China’s development.

“There is no force that can shake the foundation of this great nation. No force can stop the Chinese people and the Chinese nation forging ahead,” Xi said in his speech.

Xi also paid tributes to revolutionary pioneers and martyrs, thanked foreign friends who support Chain’s development while declaring that the regime is on a journey to the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation in his a little over 8-minute speech at the Tiananmen Square.

According to the CTA, over 1.2 million Tibetans have perished after China’s invasion of Tibet while over 6,000 monasteries were ransacked and destroyed and thousands of Tibetans have been imprisoned.

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