Canadian lawmakers unanimously pass motion endorsing Tibet’s Middle Way Approach

DHARAMSALA, 15 Dec: The lawmakers of Canada’s House of Commons have unanimously passed a motion supporting the Sino-Tibetan dialogue.

A motion calling “for dialogue between representatives of the Tibetan people (his Holiness the Dalai Lama or his representatives and/or the Central Tibetan Administration) and the government of the People’s Republic of China with a view to enabling Tibet to exercise genuine autonomy within the framework of the Chinese constitution” was passed unanimously by the MPs of the lower house of the Parliament of Canada on Wednesday.

The motion was tabled in the house by Canadian MP Garnett Genuis, a long-time Tibet supporter on Tuesday “in hopes of advancing freedom and justice for the people of Tibet”.

“This motion calls on the Canadian House of Commons to clearly add its voice to calls for dialogue, with a view to allowing the exercise of genuine autonomy by Tibet and its people,” the lawmaker said in the house and added that “this motion calls on the Canadian House of Commons to do the right thing and to add its voice to the global push for recognition and adoption of the middle way approach”.

Genuis presented the same motion in the last Parliament after which it was adopted and referred to the House of Commons.

“Canada’s Parliament just unanimously passed my motion endorsing the Middle Way approach – genuine autonomy for #tibet within the framework of the Chinese constitution”, the lawmaker tweeted after the MPs unanimously voted in favour of the motion and further thanked the Tibetan community for their leadership and advocacy.

Celebrating the passage of the motion, Tibetan-Canadian activist Chemi Lhamo has that it is “an effort that took us 15 yrs, this fight is long and hard but we won’t stop until we are all free.”

“This is hope for many more legislation to pass in the favour of oppressed people everywhere in the world,” she said in a social media post. 

The Central Tibetan Administration(CTA), commonly known as the Tibetan government in exile has applauded the passage of motion “as a great advantage for the Tibetan people’s struggle”.

“A unanimous passage of a motion such as this one is another feather added to Tibet’s cap that would serve as a great advantage for the Tibetan people’s struggle,” reports, the CTA’s official website.

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