By N.S.Venkataraman
In the year 1950-51, when China entered  Tibet and ruthlessly suppressed the Tibetan protesters, the Government of India virtually kept quiet. Even then, several experts in India suggested to the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to examine the feasibility of stopping China’s aggression of Tibet and Nehru was forewarned that the next target of China could be India.

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It is now more than six decades since China forcibly occupied Tibet by sending its military and massacred the protesting Tibetans mercilessly. The Dalai Lama and his followers were left with no alternative other than leaving Tibet and China has been taking stern steps to consolidate its hold over the Tibetan region.  It has been systematically taking measures to dilute the Tibetan race by settling native Chinese in Tibet and brainwashing the present generation of Tibetans who have not seen the Dalai Lama.  China is trying to rewrite the history of Tibet.

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A Chinese fraud called “17-Point Agreement”


On 23rd May, Beijing completes 70 years of colonial occupation and rigid communist rule of China. It was on 23rd May 1951 when the Dalai Lama, the ruler and supreme spiritual leader of Tibet, heard a dramatic broadcast on ‘Radio Peking’ which announced that Tibet had signed a “17-Point Agreement” with China under which Tibet had agreed to become a part of China. Amidst shouts of self-congratulation the Radio claimed that the ‘Agreement’ had been signed between the ‘Central People’s Government’ of China and the Tibetan delegates ‘with full powers of the Local Government of Tibet’.

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Opinion: China’s atrocities in Tibet are growing too big to ignore

By Josh Rogin | The Washington Post |  25 December 2020.

The world is finally responding to the Chinese government’s mass atrocities against Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in China’s northwest province of Xinjiang. But now Beijing is replicating some of its worst practices — including rounding up hundreds of thousands of innocent people in military-style reeducation camps — in other parts of China. This year, Beijing built and filled massive camps in Tibet, which had been the original testing ground for cultural genocide, political indoctrination and forced labor. Tibetan leaders are pleading for the world to pay attention.

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Has the world forgotten about Tibet? A troubling look into recent trends…

By Karchen Lhatoo | 17 August 2020.
Richard Gere— renowned American actor and producer— turns his eyes away from the Academy Awards’ teleprompter; he is going to speak for himself. Instead of the planned commentary oriented around worshipping the Hollywood elite, he begins to talk about human rights, before asking that Deng Xiaoping “take his troops and take the Chinese away from Tibet and allow the people to live as free independent people again.” Even though Gere would be subsequently barred from the Oscars, it is a miraculous step forward for the recognition of the plights of Tibetans on the world stage. However, this is 1993. It is now 2020— almost 30 years later— and still, Tibetans are suffering.

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