‘End the CCP’, says Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey

Twitter’s co-founder and former CEO, Jack Dorsey and his tweet(inset) demanding an end to the CCP.

DHARAMSALA, 9 Aug: Twitter’s co-founder and former CEO, Jack Dorsey has called for an end to the Chinese Communist Party.

“End the CCP,” Dorsey has said in a tweet.

Dorsey has made the remarks while retweeting an early June post from a Beijing-based CNN reporter Selina Wang that details China’s stringent measures that she had to follow, which include constant testing and a mandatory health app that authorities can track people through.

The CNN report about China highlights Beijing’s rigorous testing and app-based contact tracing for quarantine or isolation purposes besides expressing concern about surveillance as Chinese authorities track people’s movements through these applications.

China’s  “zero COVID” approach to the pandemic means that a slight uptick in cases in a city could lead to widespread lockdowns, Fox news reported.

Dorsey relinquished the CEO reins at Twitter in November last year to focus on building up Block Inc. 

None of the apps owned by the American Internet entrepreneur, programmer, and philanthropist which include the Cash app, the Tidal music-streaming service along with blockchain projects, are available in China.

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