SFT urges India, world to recognise Tibet as an independent country

DHARAMSALA 23 July: Students for a Free Tibet-India(SFT) held a protest today urging India and the other countries in the world “to recognize Tibet as a separate, historically independent country that remains under China’s illegal occupation.”

Activists from SFT unfurled a giant banner with the message that read  ‘TIBET’S INDEPENDENCE, INDIA’S SECURITY’ here in the exile headquarters as the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 99th anniversary as they protested “China’s illegal occupation of Tibet” and called upon “all other countries and India, in particular, to take immediate action against Beijing’s authoritarian rule by rejecting ‘One China Policy in theory and in practice.”

Activists shouted slogans such as “Tibet’s Independence, India’s security,” “Free Tibet Now” and ‘long live Indo-Tibet friendship” among others as the unfurled the giant banner from a building on the temple road here. 

“Before China illegally occupied Tibet in 1949/50 Independent Tibet and India enjoyed peace and friendship; border trades and cultural bonds saw the two nations engaged peacefully as strong and generous neighbours,” SFT stated in their press release.

“After the Chinese Communist Party occupied Tibet, the mutual partnership was disrupted leading to the current disputes especially when it comes to the border,” it added.

Recalling the lessons of history and citing the recent deadly clash in Galwan Valley, the activist group declared the Chinese communist regime not trustworthy and cautioned India’s relationship with China.

”By befriending China and ignoring the issue of Tibet’s occupation, India has jeopardized national security,” said SFT-India Director Rinzin Choedon and added that  “It is now time for the India government to correct the errors of the past and to take a lead in finding a solution to the Tibet situation; which starts with the border between Tibet and India.”

SFT also called on India to include “Indo-Tibet border and Tibet’s historical independence of facts in all the Indian schools’ geography and history textbooks,” and to “strengthen India-Tibet relation by officially recognizing and supporting Tibetan Government in Exile.

Calling out Beijing’s expansionist-design, Gyaltsen, the Campaigns Director of SFT-India said that “China’s greed stretches far beyond occupying Tibet; it stretches across the entire Himalaya region where it has time and time again used aggressive expansionist policies to take over,” 

He further urged India to ally with its neighbours to take on China.

“India has the capacity to lead neighbouring countries to stand together to challenge China’s illegal and aggressive invasion of Tibet and Indian territories.” 

Citing China’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic that has infected 15,239805 people and killed 623,658 people globally and the recent military military invasion against India, SFT stated that “the Chinese government must be held accountable for flouting international law and wreaking havoc around the world.”

“Now more than ever, it is clear that we must take immediate action to prevent China from causing even more global instability.”

SFT further declared China’s occupation of Tibet as “a threat to international peace and security” and called on the world for multilateral action against Beijing’s authoritarian rule by rejecting the ‘One China Policy’ in theory and practice.

Appeals were also made to the free world to caution China at the UN by supporting an urgent special Human Rights Council session on China to discuss the Communist regime’s ongoing human rights violations in China, Tibet, Hong Kong and East Turkestan and to “prepare to vote ‘no’ to China’s election bid to the Human Rights Council in October 2020” on the grounds of “China’s consistent failure to meet the minimum standards for membership.”

July 2020 marks the 99th founding anniversary of the CCP. It was founded on 1 July 1921 in Shanghai, China with 70 members.

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