Six broad daylight home burglary in six days in Dharamsala

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DHARAMSALA, 17 July: Thieves broke into as many as six houses in broad daylight over the last six days here in Dharamsala.

All the houses were burglarized from 12-17 July, has Tibetan occupants and the burglary was reported in broad daylight when no one was at home.

The first burglary was reported on 12 July where two houses were burgled near Gamru village school.

The second house was hit on 14 July at Amdo Dong-Seb (dasali village) near Mcleod Ganj town. The burglary was the fourth instance reported from the same house. Days later, another house of a Tibetan has been burgled near kotwali bazar in Dharamsala.

Two days later another break-in was reported at a house near Yongling School in Mcleod Ganj.

The latest break-in was reported earlier today around noon at a house near the basketball ground here in Gangchen Kyishong.

Though burglary appears to be episodic in Dharamsala, all the houses that were burglarized have Tibetan tenants and the break-ins were reported while there are out at work during the day.

The present spate of break-ins has caused unease among Tibetans fearing they may return to see their houses ransacked and their valuable items missing.

The stolen items from the six brake-ins in six days were reported to be mostly electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, IPad and jewellery.

As it stands, the thieves are still at large while it is unknown how many of the thefts were reported to the police except for the break-in near Gamru village school and the one the near kotwali bazar in Dharamsala.

Earlier in May 2015, a Tibetan man was rushed to hospital after he was shot by an unidentified man allegedly in a case of burglary gone wrong at the Tibetan Reception Centre in Khaniyara village, near here.

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