TYC slams China, set alight Chinese products

DHARAMSALA, 10 July: The Tibetan Youth Congress(TYC) held a protest in accordance with their “global movement to boycott made in China” products today here in the exile headquarters of the Tibetan people. 

The protest was held “to raise awareness about the atrocities committed by the Communist Party of China,” the largest Tibetan NGO with 88 regional chapters across the world stated in their press release.  

“More than 10 million cases of Coronavirus(CCP Virus) affecting 216 countries and killing of more than 500 thousand innocent beings all across the globe should be sufficient reason for any of us not to buy products ‘Made in China,’ and make them accountable for causing so much chaos,” it added.

Activists from the TYC today set on fire some Chinese products along with a life-size cutout of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese flags at the main square here in Mcleod Ganj as they shouted slogans such as “boycott Chinese products,” “Tibet’s independence, India’s security” and “free Tibet” among others.  

Calling on every people to join their campaign, the TYC laid out “four reasons out of the long and logical list” of as to why one “should boycott Chinese products.

“Consuming Chinese products equals to supporting “CCP’s human rights abuses, supporting China’s military buildup, Beijing’s mishandling of Coronavirus or CCP Virus and to condemn the recent intrusion by the Chinese troops on India soil in Galwan Valley, Ladakh,” TYC added.

Gonpo Dhondup, the president of the TYC, an organisation that has been long campaigning for the freedom and complete independence of Tibet launched the “global movement to boycott made in China” products from here earlier on 16 July.

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