Zambian woman claims china sells marinated human flesh in Africa

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, May 23: A Zambian woman has accused China of selling marinated human flesh in tins of corned beef in Africa.

The woman living in China warned African citizens not to eat Chinese tins labeled corned beef as it contains human flesh. She claimed that they were made of corpses collected and marinated before it is being canned and labeled as food fit for human consumption.

13250340_1173875582656850_858102842_nAccording to online reports, workers in Chinese meat factories have admitted to processing of human flesh because of limited burial space in the country, reports The Sun, (a daily tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom and Ireland) May 23.

The regular, non-human meat was being exported to China’s more powerful trading partners instead of Africa, factory workers were also quoted as saying in the on line report.

China’s ambassador to Zambia, Yang Youming dismissed the report as rumor. “This is completely a malicious slandering and vilification which is absolutely unacceptable to us. We hereby express our utmost anger and the strongest condemnation over such an act,” China’s state media quoted Yang as saying.

The Zambian government has promised a full investigation into the incident.

“The government of Zambia regrets the incident in view of the warm relations that exist between Zambia and China,” said Christopher Mulenga, a minister in the Zambian government.


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