3rd Europe Tibetan Associations’ General Meeting Concludes

3rd Europe Tibetan Associations’ General Meeting. Image: tibet.net.

DHARAMSALA, 4 Oct: Europe Tibetan Associations adopt the “Milano Declaration” to create more awareness about the worsening situation in Tibet and strengthen the mobilization and advocacy for Tibet within the respective country at the third Europe Tibetan Associations’ General Meeting.

Expressing deep concern over the colonial-style boarding school system being implemented by the Chinese government in Tibet, appalled by China’s draconian Zero-Covid Policy in Tibet forced five Tibetans to commit suicide and alarmed China’s involuntary mass DNA collection across Tibet, the attendees adopted “Milano Declaration” at the 3rd Europe Tibetan Associations’ General Meeting, reports www.tibet.net, the Central Tibetan Administration’s(CTA) official website.

The representatives of the Tibetan Communities and Associations from over nine European countries met for two days from 1-2 Oct in Milan, Italy to discuss and deliberate on various agendas such as the coordinated efforts for the protection of Tibetan culture, language and identity; advancing Tibet advocacy and voicing for Tibetan voices suppressed in Tibet by China among others.

According to the report, CTA’s Department of Information and International Relations(DIIR) Minister Norzin Dolma attended the two-day meeting as the Chief Guest and commended the attendees and stressed the importance of the Tibetan community’s continued contribution to advancing the Tibetan freedom movement. 

Special guests and observers of the meeting proceeding included

The general meeting of the Europe Tibetan Associations was also attended by executive members of Italy-Tibet Association Claudio Cardelli; Nanni Ribaldone; President of AREF International Marilla Bellaterra; President of ADHI Nicola Missiani; President of Union Buddhist Associations in Italy Filippo Sciana; Michela; Carmen Leccardi; Giancarlo Giorgetti Morandi and Manuela Morandi as Special guests and observers. 

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