CTA holds maiden Tibetan IT professionals’ conference

CTA’s maiden Tibetan IT professionals conference. Image: tibet.net.

DHARAMSALA, 10 Jan: With digital future, a core vision of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) President Penpa Tsering led 16th Kashag(Cabinet), the CTA convened its first-ever Tibetan IT Professionals’ Conference here at the exile headquarters of the Tibetan people.

The CTA’s maiden Tibetan IT professionals’ conference “aims to strategise the future of digitisation efforts and strengthen the technical expertise within the Tibetan community to achieve the digital transformation vision of the CTA by developing a network of Tibetan IT professionals to utilise the limited available resources efficiently,” reports Tibet.net, the CTA’s official website.

The CTA President Penpa Tsering presided over the inaugural meeting of the two-day conference on Monday and “shared his vision for a greater collaboration within the Tibetan community through leveraging existing talent and resources from the community towards the common vision of successfully sustaining in exile until the resolution of the Sino-Tibet conflict is not achieved,” the report added.

The CTA President further “implored the necessity to leverage the opportunities and prepare for the foreseeable challenges” in his inaugural speech.

Declaring digital futures stands as one of the core visions of President Tsering-led Kashag, the report added that “multi-faceted approaches” are being piloted with various collaborating partners.

CTA’s Department of Information and International Relations(DIIR) Minister  Norzin Dolma said that the CTA is looking to understand its youth capacity in the IT field in India through the conference.

She further acknowledged that the lack of connectivity among the considerable number of Tibetan “IT professionals in India is the key concern that the administration wants to resolve in addition to empowering secure and resilient IT infrastructure and enhancing future collaborations.”

Co-organised by the CTA’s Tibetan Computer Resource Center (TCRC) and the Social and Resource Development fund (SARD),  more than 50 Tibetan IT Professionals across India took part in the conference.  The conference is funded by USAID through the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

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