Dalai Lama wishes long, healthy life as Modi turns 69

DHARAMSALA, 17 Sept: The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has wished India’s Prime Minister a long and healthy life on his birthday.

In a missive addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who turned 69 years old today, the Dalai Lama has said: “As a long-time guest of India, and as someone who cares deeply about this country, I congratulate you on the growing confidence you have brought about.”

“India’s success not only benefits the people of India but also greatly contributes to the development of the world as a whole,” the missive read.

“As I have communicated to you earlier, I’m very encouraged by the growing interest young people across India are showing in ancient Indian knowledge, which shines like a sun in the East. I am convinced that the age-old Indian traditions of non-violent conduct — ‘ahimsa’, backed by a compassionate motivation — ‘karuna’, are not only relevant but are also necessary in today’s world,” the octogenarian Tibetan leader wrote.

“For us Tibetans living in exile, India is not only our spiritual refuge but for more than sixty years has also been our physical home. May I again take this opportunity to extend our deep gratitude to the government and people of India for providing us such warm and generous hospitality,” the Tibetan Nobel Laureate concluded.

Birthday wishes poured in for the Indian Prime Minister from people from different fraternity across the country congratulating him on his numerous achievements while describing him as a visionary leader and statesman.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reportedly met his mother Heeraben, 98, who lives near Gandhinagar in Gujarat, and sought her blessings this afternoon to mark his 69th birthday.

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